Wilson & Strickland, Inc. (WSI) provides consulting services for design and management of facilities capital projects plus real estate due-diligence services for acquisition, development, and lending. WSI is able to provide the utmost in care, technical competence, and professional representation for office, commercial, industrial, hospitality, and residential projects located throughout the United States. WSI has extensive experience in the inspection and design review of existing facilities for purchasers, institutional lenders, and owners. WSI is retained on new construction projects to provide preliminary and ongoing review.

WSI's goal is to continue providing standard-setting services for its clients and the best of working environments for its employees. The staff of WSI is trained in engineering and construction as well as certain architectural aspects of building design. WSI maintains technical excellence through formal training, in-house study, and membership in professional and trade associations. WSI's philosophy is to place quality of work above quantity of work, requiring a strategy of technical and professional growth of its staff followed by deliberate company growth.

Wilson & Strickland, Inc.
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Alpharetta, Georgia

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